Top 7 Reasons of Why I Want to Work with African Immigrant Entrepreneurs
  1. I want to work with African immigrant entrepreneurs because they too need their presence online with unique social media content that reflects the African culture and the challenges they face.
  2. African entrepreneurs are known for building a business but they mostly have brick and mortar stores and with this pandemic, most are transitioning to eCommerce
  3. African entrepreneurs were relying on referrals and word of mouth to get clients so I help them get their brand recognition online by promoting their products through social media marketing
  4. A little-known fact is that 18% of America’s largest companies were started by immigrants, according to a study by the Partnership for a New American Economy. Statistics show that America’s foreign population averages 10.5% since 1850. That means you are much more likely to be a successful entrepreneur if you were born abroad!
  5. Immigrants uplift local industries, businesses and communities by providing jobs and much-needed goods and services.
  6. As an African immigrant myself, I understand that the African immigrant community is under-served. I will curate content for African immigrants that amplifies their voice and brand.
  7. African immigrants are forced to think outside the box and come up with fresh ideas and new perspectives to marketing their goods and services.
Let me know if I missed some other reason to work with African immigrant entrepreneurs.