Why do people like social media?

Because they want to connect with businesses they love and share ideas that they value.
They also just want to get entertained or break away from the real-life challenges that they may face. (Escapism, right?)

Why should your business be on social media?

To find new potential customers and get found by people who identify with your brand.
Another reason is to connect and build relationships with new and existing customers and convert new followers into customers.

A social media platform like Facebook has grown over the years to include Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Businesses can share ideas that they value and grow their presence online using these social media platforms. They can also market their business to attract customers that identify with their brand and company values.

What is your business marketing goal?

Is It To Establish your presence online?
If your goal is to establish and grow your business’ online presence, then the next step is to hire a marketing specialist or learn how to do it yourself.
Since I am on a shoestring budget, I had to learn how to become a marketing specialist for my own company and then take the lessons I learn to help minority-owned businesses establish their own business presence online too.

To connect with potential clients, create a Facebook page to share information about your business. I share information about social media marketing.
Make sure your business Facebook page includes your contact details as well as add what your business is about in the About section.
You can connect with your customers via Messenger and respond to their questions. You can also use both to advertise to your target audience your services and offers. Facebook Ads Manager can help you reach more people to grow your business.

If your business marketing goal is to establish your presence online, then let’s talk. Schedule a consultation with me so we can strategize how to get you started marketing your business online.

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