You have had “when it rains it pours”. So how do you handle pressure when the bottom drops out in your business?

I have to confess that it is hard for me to seek help and I try to fix the situation by myself.

It then results in me feeling overwhelmed and I end up not giving the situation my full attention.

I am starting to realize that I need to learn to delegate some of the tasks that I do every day, the mundane and repeatable things to be able to grow my business. I am standing in my own way of growth. Are you overwhelmed and feeling the same way too?

However, how do I start delegating if I do not have enough clients to bring in that income to pay for people that I would like to add to my team?

Probably you have been there before, please share in the comments below how you have managed pressure when you are a startup entrepreneur?

Understanding your why will help you handle pressure situations better. Believe in yourself and the value you are providing. Know why you started and encourage yourself to stay the course. Remember, “quitters never win and winners never quit”!

As an African entrepreneur in the diaspora, I find the most important part of my business is to make sure I have the structures and systems in place. But that is easier said than practiced. The African in me says” Why do you want to spend all that money putting systems in place?” (Lol). Ideally, I would like to automate some workflow processes and the main setback for me is first I have not set up a concrete business plan. Do you have a concrete business plan?

If you have a process in place and you trust your reason for starting your business, then you need not be afraid to ask for help when the pressure comes along. Defining your story and your reason for starting that business in the first place will keep you grounded to withstand the pressure.

My why is to help African entrepreneurs and other business owners get their businesses online and amplify their brand. I do that by creating social media content and scheduling content for them according to their particular business so they can reach their ideal clients. With the services that we offer, you can focus on your business and we can handle social media marketing.

My actions will create wealth, prosperity, and abundance. I need to come from a growth mindset knowing that it will all come to pass and it is worth it. I have to be steadfast and realize that pressure is sometimes good because it brings us out of our comfort zone, then we will realize the results on the other side of pressure!

If you are ready to delegate your social media needs, please feel free to schedule a consultation here. We will go over your needs and see if we are a good match.