Recognize that you are not an employee in your life or business.
You may lend your time and talent to accomplish certain tasks to help your business grow or attain its goals but you should still have the mindset of a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and leader.

Recognize that you are in charge of your own decisions. You have to be intentional and decide where you want to steer your ship. Hence, language matters, and having the hustle mentality all the time is not appealing anymore.
What matters is you are doing the best you can with what you have and everything you do as CEO has to be considerate of that.

Have time for yourself. We hear people talk a lot about putting family first, realize that you are a part of that family and you need to do not only contribute to your family but also have time for yourself.
As a Christian believer, I put God first, then family, and then all other things after that. Do not forget to include yourself on the list. Sometimes the best way to serve others as a leader is to serve yourself. If you are like me, it feels hard to put yourself on the list for self-care, but I have experienced burnout and I realize that sometimes it forces you to slow down. Your body will just speak to you and force you to slow down. And so, I have learned to slow down at least once a week and take that sabbath rest. For each one, it may be different.

As a CEO, it may be overwhelming and it may be hard to know what to do first. Nicole Walters advises, Do the next right thing. Your needs, your wants, and your family are really important.

Be true to your word. A CEO should do what they say they will do. This also includes knowing what you are capable of doing. You do not want to overextend yourself. So, recognize your capacity and be your best self when you show up.
If you are tired from the last two years, then give your grace this year to slow down and do only what gives you joy and what allows you to show up as your best self. Allow yourself to say no to this that drains your energy.

Focus on where you really shine. Double down on your signature products or service and provide valuable service on that. That means you have to leverage other resources like hiring a social media manager to market your business while you focus on your zone of genius.

Being a CEO also means being self-reflective.
Ask yourself, am I utilizing my time and talent wisely? And if the answer is no, then hire out for those tasks that are repetitive or mundane.

Ask yourself each day, what am I doing today to get to that one day?
We always say, “one day I will do this…” or “One day I will get this?” We have to be honest with ourselves to get to that one day as the CEO.

3 questions to ask yourself as a leader in your business:
1. What do I need
2. What is my plan
3. How do I get there?
Answer the above questions honestly and reflect back one year from now and see how you did. Be sure to comment below and let me know what your answers were.

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