Is the Clubhouse App Going to Overtake Podcasting? That is a good question that we are going to explore here.

It also begs the question, Is the Clubhouse app all that it is cracked up to be? I was listening to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Spotify and he had Eric Weinstein as a guest on episode #1628.

They were discussing the Clubhouse app and if it is going to overtake podcasting. Really interesting conversation and as a social media manager and consultant, I listen and learn from different experts in the industry. I like to learn about cutting-edge social media platforms so I can help African entrepreneurs and immigrant business owners to create content for their social media platforms and manage their social media accounts with an informed decision on what platforms to use to market their products and services to amplify their brands.

So, one of the points that they made was that Clubhouse is not going to take over podcasting because first of all, you cannot record the conversations you have with your guests on Clubhouse, at least not as of this writing, May 18th, 2021. The other point they raised is that in Clubhouse, you can give anyone moderating permission and if they disagree with you, then they can kick you off of your own room! Unless the owners of Clubhouse work on rectifying those underlying issues, then we may see it as just another popular fad that was good to dabble in.

I am sure there are many fans of Clubhouse and I agree that like any social media platform, there will be those who are for and against it. But as an Android user who has not joined Clubhouse yet, my opinion is not biased. Clubhouse launched in the US on Android on May 9th, 2021 and I signed up for the clubhouse app invite but I am on the waiting list. Either way, I am researching to see what others think about this app. During my research, I went to Reddit where I found someone else had posed the same question to members there too.

The responses have been mixed. One Reddit user stated that they found it uninspiring because, for every 3 minutes of authentic content, there are 7 minutes of someone trying to sell you their products.

Another user said it has been a great experience for them so far. However, there is a lot of drama and everyone’s experience is different. If you go in to listen and you resonate with the content shared, then you are likely to comment on it. But beware that it can be draining and addictive.

As with any social media platform that is designed to engage its members and keep them in the app, if your Clubhouse notifications are turned on, then you will be constantly bombarded by them and some people can find them very distracting. But the good news is, you can adjust that in the settings location of the app. Clubhouse user guide, states “Notifications are important in Clubhouse since everything is live, and we encourage you to manage them to suit your preferences.”

In conclusion, like all other social media platforms, users will determine if Clubhouse is here to stay or it will be a fad. It also depends on Clubhouse itself. If the Clubhouse developers and the people who own Clubhouse continue to listen to user input and tweak the app to suit the majority of users, then their chances of being here for the long term are high.

Whether you enjoy podcasts or Clubhouse, the main attraction is the engagement using voice. With voice, you can get the inflections in someone’s voice when they are talking and get either moved to action or they can put you to sleep. Voice does bring people together though. If people want to engage with other people live, then Clubhouse is for you. However, if you are someone who prefers to consume information on demand at your own convenience, then the podcast is for you.

As a social media consultant and manager, it is important to point out that Clubhouse can be used to reach another segment of your potential client and network. You can still repurpose your content to benefit your Clubhouse audience.

What is your take? Comment below as I would like to know your experience or lack of it with the Clubhouse app.