The community of immigrants is largely underserved when it comes to marketing online! But fret not! We’re here to teach you how to market your immigrant business online.

 There are 12 million immigrant businesses in the U.S., but many lack an online presence for marketing purposes.

Here’s how to succeed as an immigrant business owner:

1️⃣ Plan how to attract your ideal customer.

2️⃣ Convert potential customers into paying customers

3️⃣ Provide great service that meets the need of your customers so that they will be talking about your services to others!

Having customers talk about your product or service through reviews, word-of-mouth or referrals is the greatest compliment you should aspire for as it will help to grow your business.

To attract your ideal customer, you need to create content that organically ranks high on Google search engines. That means optimizing keywords that speak to your ideal client. For example, my ideal customer is an immigrant business owner who is busy and has no time to market their business but realizes they need help marketing their business online.

One way to attract your target audience is to talk about your business and create content that resonates with your target customer. That is called organic content.

Although organic content marketing takes time, it is essential as a long-term marketing strategy.

The other option that most people don’t tell you about is Facebook advertising which if the targeted right can have massive success to scale your business online’s presence. With Facebook ads, you can target the right demographic for your ideal customer. using metrics such as interests, geographic location, and age or gender to send them to a strategic landing page or offer.

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