1. You have something valuable and unique to contribute

Are you an African immigrant entrepreneur who has a voice but is afraid of speaking up? I struggle with that as well. This is an ongoing journey of self-discovery and I want to use my social media platform to let you know that the struggle is real for me too. Be confident in what you have to offer because African immigrants play a key role in the digital space so do not be afraid to toot your own horn! Speak up and show up Online As Unapologetically You

I am learning the hard way that creating content for African immigrant entrepreneurs will only generate interest and engagement when I, as an African immigrant content creator can be authentic and share my own unique voice.

I will not be shy to show up online as myself. I know that I have something only I can contribute to this field of social media and if that resonates with you then let’s continue on this journey of social media management and content creation together.

You started your business because you know you have something valuable to offer. Your voice matters and whatever service you offer is valuable. So do not be apologetic for who you are and what you represent. Embrace your weaknesses and turn them into strengths by owning who you are and all that you bring to the table.

Being transparent and real with your target market makes your audience know that you are not trying to put up a façade over them. They will trust you more and be drawn to the services you have to offer.

2. To Increase your reach and scale

You need to engage and connect with your customers online

Social media is definitely one way of showing up online. The pandemic has shown us that having only a brick-and-mortar shop is no longer the only option. We have to pivot if we are to be successful. If you have an Etsy store, Shopify, or other online stores, my challenge to you is, how are you marketing your products or services?

Do you take time to show up online and engage with your target market?

Imagine you had a brick-and-mortar store, then you would be saying hello to your customers when they enter your store, right? You will be interacting with them right?

Social media gives you that chance to stay connected with your customers and speak your truth. People will learn from what you have to say. You do not have to be an expert to be on social media. You can contribute just the way you are.

3. The potential to operate anywhere at all times

With a well-crafted social media strategy and search engine optimization, your online business can grow and flourish with no geographical boundaries. Your presence online is 24/7. If you do not show up online, people are going to miss out on your essence and what you are offering.

If your social media presence needs a boost and you want to start being authentically you, then let me know and we can collaborate together to create content that resonates with your customers. Whatever you do, recognize the power of social media to grow your business. But above all, know that your voice matters. So don’t settle for cookie-cutter generic social media services. Make sure to add your unique style and flavor to your content. We can help you curate content specifically for the unique market that is the African immigrant or black entrepreneur.

As Africans, we grew up surrounded by a community. We have strong social ties and those strengths can be leveraged in your online business as well.

Reply in the comments below and let me know how you are showing up online and being authentically you.